March 20, 2023

Fifth coach of “La Voix” Roxane Bruno had a lot of fun with her candidates for “La deux Voix”. Before participating in the quarter-finals of the ninth season on March 26, during which the winner of this parallel competition will be announced, she gives a very positive assessment of her experience.

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“I still had the pressure of training young talent,” she said in an interview. It hasn’t even been thirty years since I’ve been in this business, but in the end, I’m having a lot of fun.”

For Second Voice, she had to recruit six candidates from among those who failed the blind auditions. The choice is harder to make than she thought. “In previous seasons when I watched the show at home, I sometimes wondered why the coaches didn’t include some members, but what the singer manages to make us feel live is different from what we see on TV. Something indescribable happens when you hear a live artist.” As an example, she takes Sebastian, whom she recruited into her team. “He may have less technique than someone else, he starts in that environment, but when he sings it’s clean. He will really look for an audience. If you come looking for me with the right emotions, it will work.”


Even if she is not the most technical singer, Roxanne Bruno was able to give her candidates relevant and sensible advice on how to advance and improve. “When I had fun, it was also related to my performance. I was afraid of it. In the end, I completely forgot about cameras and shooting limitations. I was told that we should stop, but I would stay for a long time with the candidates. I discovered a new talent in myself and maybe even a new passion to help young people.

The singer-songwriter even admits that he is ready to take one of the official coaching positions of The Voice. “Now that I know how it works, I would like to have this experience. If anyone in production reads this article, give me a call!”

The experience also allowed him to learn about her and gave her a certain confidence. “It gave me a boost. I often say that I am part of the next generation, but I really am not. I have my place, but I don’t realize it. I always have so much fun when I’m on stage, I’m always so nervous when I’m on TV, but it has given me confidence in other aspects of my career. I know that I can give advice and help young people who want to do this job.”

End of tour

Roxanne Bruno is gearing up to take the stage at the Bell Center and Videotron Center for her final two shows, which will mark the end of her Acrophobia tour. “For me, this is an achievement. And I want to put on a big show like we’ve never seen in Quebec. People pay for tickets, travel, spend money on parking, a restaurant… I want to give them money, but I do not reveal anything in advance, I want to keep the content secret until the end.”

The finalists will be seen by their coach

Livia St. Pierre: “She is 15, she is a child prodigy. She has a lot of technology for her age. When she arrives, she is ready. I have very few notes to give her because she already has everything she needs in her luggage. She has a lot of confidence on stage, but sometimes she plays with confidence. She’ll have to find her own source, but she’s not far off.

Sarah Vanderzon: “She has her own color, beautiful, slightly muffled voice. She’s a singer-songwriter with a career ahead of her, the problem is she doesn’t believe in it. I was the same as her when I started, I didn’t really believe in it, I didn’t accept applause. She just needs to get rid of this impostor syndrome.

Sebastian Meloche: “This is a small nugget. I think he needs to gain confidence in himself and be less nervous on stage. A lot of guys hide behind a guitar on stage. But I think he has everything: voice, face, and charisma.

Until 24:59 on March 24, the public has the opportunity to choose the winner of the “Second Vote” on TVA+. The winner will be announced live during the second quarter-final of La Voix on 26 March.

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