March 20, 2023

It was the Francophone vote that would allow the Québec Solidaire to elect its 12e MP this week, after the by-election in Saint-Henri-Saint-Anne.

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“We have been talking about the priorities of this electorate since the housing crisis,” party spokesman Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois said from the start on the set of The World Upside Down on Friday night.

Saint-Henri-Saint-Anne: QS wins thanks to French vote

For QS, this achievement marks a historic victory. The county was once considered a liberal stronghold populated mostly by English speakers.

For this campaign, which was conducted almost exclusively in French, the Québec Solidaire team did not hesitate to distribute programs in English or even speak Spanish to Hispanic voters. “I play politics by appealing to everyone,” the representative added in an interview with Stefan Bureau.

Saint-Henri-Saint-Anne: QS wins thanks to French vote

The politician also noted that after analyzing the routes won, it was in the French-speaking quarters that QS stood out the most.

During his interview, Mr Nadeau-Dubois also took the opportunity to reiterate his position on immigration and Molière’s language, pointing out that the new arrivals did not pose a threat to the French language, but that the province would benefit from better regulation and supervision of asylum seekers. passing through Wroxham Road.

Saint-Henri-Saint-Anne: QS wins thanks to French vote

Together with Danny St. Pierre, weekly debaters Beese, Sophie Durochet, Richard Martineau and Yasmine Abdelfadel questioned whether Quebecers tend to tip too much in restaurants.

Saint-Henri-Saint-Anne: QS wins thanks to French vote

At the beginning of the program, the debaters also talked about the survival of the French language and at the same time about the new advertisement for the Coalition avenir Québec in defense of the French language.

Saint-Henri-Saint-Anne: QS wins thanks to French vote

Sebastien Benoit took the chair of the guest of the week.

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