March 20, 2023

Being charged and convicted in court for being able to get mental health care is a reality that Mr.e Katherine Lapointe, a legal aid lawyer who specializes in advocating for people with mental health issues, is injured every day.

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“It doesn’t make sense that my clients, the “lucky ones,” have committed crimes, but they will be eligible for psychiatric care, and the “luckiest,” the most unbalanced, will end up in Filippova. Pinel Institute,” exclaimed lawyer Stefan Bureau on the set of Le monde à l’envers on Friday night.

Me Lapointe also deplored the haste of hospitals sending home patients who were unstable or even psychotic. An alarming problem, according to the psychiatrist of the Philippe-Pinel Institute, Gilles Chamberlain, who was involved in the premise of this discussion and who also stressed the importance of stabilizing patients before they are discharged.

“We are in too much of a hurry to send them home,” the lawyer said, adding that there are not enough funds, staff and resources on the ground.

“The bureaucracy discourages us greatly. But we are lucky in Montreal with public organizations, fortunately we have them! [Le système organisé] no longer meets the needs,” she recalled.

The lady also called on the government and the legislator to pay serious attention to this misfortune, which is aggravated in the context of the pandemic. “We have to learn even worse than what we see now,” she advised.

I, Catherine Lapointe, am actively involved in the new RDI documentary series À ma défense.

Sebastian Benoist, guest of the week, spent the evening on set surrounded by Biz panellists, Sophie Durochet, Richard Martineau and Yasmine Abdelfadel.

The host returned to some of his red carpet covers when he was a reporter for The Flash in the late 1990s. Among other things, he lamented the unpleasant and condescending attitude of actor Hugh Grant at the last Oscar ceremony. the latter very succinctly, even casually, answered his interlocutor Ashley Graham.

“Le monde à l’envers” is broadcast live every Friday at 20:00 on TVA.

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