March 20, 2023

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Trudeau’s appointment of David Johnston, who has ties to the Trudeau Foundation, as special rapporteur on election interference will result in his government being acquitted, similar to the findings of the recent Emergency Act investigation. This staged whitewashing will undoubtedly be followed by more crime and fake investigations. If Trudeau was truly interested in strengthening our democracy, he would have done the right thing and stepped down as prime minister. But when was the last time he did the right thing?

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(A friend of Trudeau is not a friend of transparency on this issue.)

Transit Nightmare

I just got back from the war in Ukraine and the people here are really nice, but wow, having to take that awful CTrain is pretty scary as hell, to say the least. I’ve seen people put drugs in their hands and smoke out of foil, what’s going on here? Where I come from, our police would beat up these criminals and put them in jail where they could get clean. Here in Canada you have the Hug the Bandit program.

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(But they’re good thugs, right?)

Vote for yourself

Looks like the commissioner for integrity at City Hall has gone missing. The proposed revocation law being considered by the council seems to me to be a conflict of interest, which in my books is a violation of ethics. Why can elected officials determine the parameters and legitimacy of legislation that allows voters to remove them from office? Nothing but foxes guarding the chicken coop.


(They don’t make it easy to recall anyone.)

Problems with the survey

I’d like to see statistics on the accuracy of Canadian polls over the past decade. I didn’t follow myself. Asking a question about the number of “X” people gives a result determined to be correct, which is 0.9 times out of 10, x% of the time? And do these pollsters all rely on a select group of “approved average” people, or do they accept feedback from any random person on the street? No matter how scattered their data collection is, it seems to me that you can ask as many people the same question to a voter’s neighbor and get a different result. Just ask, I’m right 100% of the time, 99.9% of the questions!


(If you know who wins, please let us know! For once, we’d love to have a day off before the election.)

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