March 20, 2023

Movies about boxing and martial arts bring tough but battered athletes into the arena. While the third part Credo shown in theaters (the first two are offered to Prime Video subscribers), platforms offer other titles where boxers have a whole punch

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(In Survivor)

Photo courtesy of HBO Films

During this biographical drama from HBO, boxing imposes itself in a place where survival is a constant bet and where boxers are left to fend for themselves: the Auschwitz concentration camp. If he wants to keep seeing the sunrise and hope to find the one of his heart, Harry Haft (invested by Ben Foster) must enforce his law with his fists. Freed from the Nazis, his story catches the attention of a journalist who wants to share it with the world. But Harry Haft wasn’t done fighting yet.

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Tommy Morrison experienced fame in film and sports. The role of the infamous American boxer in front of the cameras Rocky 5together with Sylvester Stallone drew attention to him. Then, in his early twenties, he became world heavyweight champion by defeating none other than George Foreman. But in 1996, the announcement of a positive HIV test was disastrous. The ESPN documentary shows a meteoric rise followed by a dizzying fall. There is no Hollywood ending here.

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(in Lefty)

Photo courtesy of Weinstein.

The incredible transformation of Jake Gyllenhaal in this feature film is already worth a visit. Playing Billy Hope, the former world champion, the actor has such a physique that he turned green with envy. But it will take much more to overcome the difficult trials that have fallen in her way: the death of the love of her life and the loss of custody of her only daughter. He will have to dig deep inside himself and begin a serious reconstruction in order to appreciate the beauty that is in life.

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Boxing in blood

(in Bleeding for it)

Photo courtesy of Open Road Films

This is not what we expected from Miles Teller, but we must admit that the young man is doing very well. Luckily for his misfortune, boxer Vinny Pazienza gathers all his energy and all the passion that drives him to defend his title after a serious car accident. Even though the doctors told him to give up sports (we understand why!), he began to put on gloves again. His determination will be stronger than anything in the world. Majority? The script of the film is based on a true story.

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(in Warrior)

Photo courtesy of Lionsgate

You have to hit hard and hit often to reach the finals of the biggest tournament in the history of mixed martial arts. That’s exactly what Tommy (Tom Hardy) and Brendan (Joel Edgerton), determined men, but above all…brothers, do. Having gone completely different paths, they want to come to terms with their past and focus on the future. Their confrontation will be decisive. This sports drama offers real obstacle courses and plunges a divided family into the heart of a whirlwind of emotions.

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