March 20, 2023

The famous magician and illusionist Alain Choquette spent his youth in Sainte-Adele. His best focus in his youth came in high school when he took the ministry exam.

He and four of his friends did not want to study because they played sports. To pass the exam, everyone had a subject to study. The magic trick began when the hands of the clock exactly touched 10:30. Since then, every minute the person in charge of the examination touched a part of his body to indicate the correct number to answer the question.

The role of your parents.

Jacques and Claire were wonderful parents to my brothers Daniel, Mark and myself. Father was the head of the family, and mother was our confidant.

Your father taught you your first trick.

At the age of eight, my father taught me the only magic trick he knew that made me want to discover the world of magic. I would go to the library for books about this area.

You describe your first job as a dream job.

At 14, I worked as a packer at the Dominion grocery store, which allowed me to receive tips on top of my salary, not to mention that I was a union member.

You also did magic tricks at the mystical Pine cinema in Sainte-Adele.

The owner of the cinema, Mr. Fermanyan, hired me as a ticket agent. However, between the two films, I did magic tricks on the stage of the cinema.

Tennis gave you a summer job.

Directly in front of our house were the first clay courts of Lawrence built by the city. My brother taught tennis and I worked on the grounds.

You have won a medal in the Jeux du Québec-Joliette.

In order to improve my game, I repeated the exercises that Mr. Roland Godin gave to the players of the Quebec team, which allowed me to win prizes in various tournaments in Quebec. I even won a bronze medal in the Jeux du Québec-Joliette.

You thought you influenced the Pittsburgh Pirates players.

When I was 12, I played baseball for the St. Adele Dodgers, and one of my teammates was Steven Bronfman, who was good, by the way, the son of Expos owner Charles Bronfman.

Continue your story.

Mr. Bronfman invited the team to an Expos game at Jarry Park. Every time a Pirates batter came up to bat, we would start yelling “swing batter” and think we were pissing off the batter. I left with an autographed Expos ball that I still have.

You have a serious baseball injury.

I was a good pitcher at the low level when I was asked to move to the midget level. The difference in distance between the mound and the home court forced me to strain a lot, and I broke my arm.

You went to school after a week’s vacation.

We’re not very lucky. It was cheaper to drive to Wildwood and Atlantic City on the Tuesday after Labor Day.

French music and American orchestras were the musical choices of the house.

My father, an ex-soldier, took us to the Royal Military College Saint-Jean to attend big band performances.

You have played many sports.

At the Polyvalente Augustin-Norbert-Morin in Mont-Roland, our volleyball team won the Laurentian championship. In addition, Mr. Morin is the founder of the city of Sainte-Adele, which bears the name of his wife.

Stand up to see the Canadian forum game.

I was 13 years old, and from 10 am I stood in front of the barrier with my ticket, which cost me five dollars. When the attendants opened the gates at 19:00, the race began for the best seat behind the red seats.

What is your first car?

My father’s Ford Escort. However, my dad didn’t give me instructions on how and when to check the oil. As a result, the engine stalled.

You participated in the Draveurs de Trois-Rivieres training camp from LHJMQ.

Last year, my little team from Sainte-Agate reached the final of the tournament in Trois-Rivières. Michel Bergeron invited me to the training camp, but my physique was not big enough.

How would you describe your talent as an athlete?

I was good at all sports, but elite at nothing.

You gave a performance in the Gagnon Sports window.

I raised money doing shows in the Gagnon Sports window. However, I realized that being on a show pays more than going to university.

The news that your father had cancer hurt you more than his death.

It was a shock that, unfortunately, many families have to go through. Her departure was a relief to him. All my youth I missed his presence.

Who helped you start your career as a magician?

Former lobbyist Gary Ouellette opened doors for me to work with David Copperfield.

David Copperfield took over your father’s trick.

He used the trick while on tour and also during his TV show. The same music and the same story that surrounded the focus. When I saw my name in the credits of the show, I felt like I wrote a song for Celine Dion.

You worked with Jean-Pierre Collier in ad lib.

Jean-Pierre was happy. A generous person who has helped me a lot in my career.

You lived a youthful life of freedom.

That is, my parents gave me the freedom to play sports at any time of the day. I am happy that I can count on such good parents.

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