March 20, 2023

Here are some suggestions for cultural activities to do this weekend.

what they say

Canadian director Sarah PolleyFar from her / Loin d’elle) won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay last Sunday for this powerful film based on the novel of the same name by Manitoba writer Miriam Toews. Feminist work inspired by real events what they say (women talk) depicts a group of women members of the Mennonite community who decide to break their silence to talk about the sexual abuse they and their daughters experienced in their sleep. Claire Foy, Rooney Mara, Jesse Buckley, Frances McDormand and others masterfully played in the film.

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— Maxim Demers



Photo taken from spotify


Riverside increasingly established itself as the leader of the progressive rock movement. The Polish formation, which was born in 2001 and shone during its recent visits to Quebec and Montreal, released an excellent opus at the end of January called Personality. On this 8e studio album, the band led by singer/bassist Mariusz Duda presents more approachable, less dark sounds that never betray their individuality. We can discover Friend or foe?, mine explosion, The place where I belong this I did to you on different listening platforms. An opus that is sure to hit several lists at the end of the year.

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— Yves Leclerc

Dance 100

Yanik Arceno in Dance 100

Photo courtesy of Netflix

Yanik Arceno in Dance 100

New original concept from Netflix, Dance 100 eight choreographers compete for the grand prize of $100,000. And among them is the Quebecer Yannick Arceno, an accomplice of Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B and others of Rihanna.

For six episodes, the competition offers us its share of bright numbers, breathtaking choreography and, of course, strong emotions in the company of choreographers. Will Yanik Arseno manage to reach the final and win awards? There is only one way to find out.

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— Bruno Lapointe


Why not take advantage of the weekend to fly at least in spirit to Italy? Diva tells the story of Camilla, who recently emigrated to Rome with the avowed goal of escaping her disastrous love life, trying to forget her panicky fear of trusting men and denying her inability to make commitments. This simple (love?) story is reminiscent of a popular novel and movie. Eat Pray Love (Eat Pray Love), and you will especially want to board the first plane to Italy to taste the exquisite sweet life.

Diva : Elizabeth Massicolli, published by Quebec America.

— Sarah Emily Nolte

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