March 20, 2023

“Before starting the series of interviews last week, I was very nervous trying to find the media. Can’t say I was that excited. Eventually I started doing interviews and just met kind and nice people. This allayed my fears. »

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It’s easy to see why Alex Nevsky went crazy before yesterday’s release of the instrumental album. Even impossible flowers.

Hits author We made them believe, Les Colors this polaroid Go a long way.

Like several other artists, he was caught up in the whirlwind of sexual harassment revelations from the #metoo movement that marked the summer of 2020. Following a text he posted on Instagram, the former partner accused her of having a toxic relationship with her.

“I wish I could write a text that wouldn’t offend anyone and send the message I wanted to but didn’t,” he laments almost three years later.

Lost passion

However, long before this story became known, Alexey Nevsky admits that he lost his passion for his profession.

“When I left [l’album] wild waybefore the pandemic [2019]I was dissatisfied, I was tired. I was no longer attracted to music and I no longer found myself in what I was doing as music. »

As a result, the album failed.

“My last album didn’t find a response anywhere. It opened my eyes. It was my passion, and one day it was gone. »

Alexey Nevsky says that the burden of success fell on his shoulders, he never wanted to make music in order to become a star.

Caught in the gears

When he was in national school, he recalls, his goal was to release an album that his fellow musicians would love and write an instrumental album. Nothing else. Even when recordingHimalayas my love with his accomplice Alex McMahon, whose recording made him a star in 2013, he did not think he was making a popular song.

“Everyone around us said it was hits, but we never saw that we were going to play on the radio. We called in a guitarist from Plants and Animals who played the solo from the studio floor. It was just really fun. »

Success came, and Alexei Nevsky became interested in him.

“I’ve never been really satisfied at the top of that mountain because you’re just constantly trying to replicate success, just constantly trying to make more money. This made me unhappy. »

The pleasure of returning

Today it’s quite the opposite. He makes music for the right reasons.

“This is not a stingy Nevsky who just wants to be number one. He’s just the kind of guy who’s found real joy in making music again. »

“Now,” he says, speaking of his love of work, “she is very strong. I sent people a link to the album on Soundcloud and looked at the stats, like in 2005, on MySpace, and was thrilled to see that people listened to the same song four times on the same day. depressed because I wasn’t number 1. It’s all so good. »

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